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7 Easy Spring-Cleaning Ideas

With winter behind us and only a few more rainy days ahead before summer heats up, we're looking at our over-lived-in homes (thanks to social distancing ) and assessing the clutter. It's time to minimize the excess with a little spring cleaning and freshening up. Some fresh air and space in the house has a psychological effect on our mindsets, too, opening space for change and new beginnings. This spring, I'll be doing some cleaning up in my home and in my life.

Here are a few easy things you can do to give your life a re-set boost while we self-isolate through this coronavirus pandemic.

7 Easy Spring Cleaning Ideas

1. Clean out your medicine cabinet

Throw out any expired items, makeup, or products that you haven't used in the past 10 months or longer.

2. Schedule overdue appointments

Many physicians and professionals are conducting meetings and appointments by phone, Zoom, Facetime, Skype and other virtual means. Also, this pandemic won't last forever - schedule that eye exam for late summer or fall.

3. Rediscover the outdoors

After a long stretch in the house, schedule some time outside. Many parks and recreational sites are closed but we've been taking mini-breaks with take-out meals enjoyed on a blanket on the grass in the park, and even took my daughter for a night drive down the PCH with a stop across from Neptune's Net to watch the moonlight reflected on the waves from the back of my car.

4. Have an at-home spa day

Take long baths or showers, smooth your skin with a good scrub and moisturizer, love your feet with a simple pedicure, give your hair a deep conditioning treatment, and try out some new colors on your nails.

5. Start a new habit

Have you been wanting to give meditation a try? Or decorate your home with fresh flowers? Or start your mornings with a 5-minute gratitude journal entry? There's not much holding you back from starting that routine today.

6. Check in on your loved ones.

In a typical day-to-day routine, it's easy for months to pass between calls to your loved ones. Today, we generally have a few more minutes on our hands. Check in to see how the people you care about are doing.

7. De-clutter your social media accounts

The first two weeks of the stay-at-home order had me checking my Facebook account on my phone at least hourly. I overdosed on newsfeed junk and drama, and made the decision to remove the app from my phone. It's been over two weeks now of Facebook-free living and I can honestly say I don't miss it. If nothing else, I encourage you to set your notification/newsfeed settings to unfollow contacts on your social media sites that consistently bring your mood down or give you unnecessary anxiety.

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