Hiring Brooke as Your Agent


​As your agent, Brooke's fiduciary duties to you include making sure that your home selling experience:

  • Offers no surprises to you throughout the transaction,

  • Is negotiated effectively on your behalf,

  • Includes the reports, inspections, legal forms and wording that protect you down the road​,

  • Holds all of your personal information confidential, and

  • Provides you with an end result you are excited to share with your friends and family

Some other considerations when hiring Brooke to represent your listing:

  • She's a trained and licensed professional.

  • She has experience in your neighborhood and your market.

  • She has oversight from brokers and state licensing officials.

  • Her job is to advise you the best way to reach your goals.

  • She knows how to present your home and deal with buyers.

  • She knows how and where to market your property effectively.

  • She knows how to overcome typical snags that occur in real estate

  • She understands state-required disclosures and looks out for your best interests.

  • She understands personal safety and security for your belongings during showings.

  • She knows the best resources to make transactions go more smoothly, from bankers to home-stagers to contractors.

  • She has insider access to the most accurate and comprehensive data - the MLS, the only data repository that has the most up-to-date listing and sales information.

  • She knows how to negotiate.

  • Her job is making real estate transactions successful.

  • Her continuing education keeps her clients up-to-date on housing issues.