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Trust the Path You're On

When I stepped away from my employment career in real estate and embarked on the path of a commission-based real estate business owner years ago, I faced some internal dialogue obstacles. I kept telling myself that I didn't have the personality to succeed in sales, and that I was destined to have a career in the personal growth/spiritual growth field, not in real estate.

This negative self-talk persisted even after I kept closing real estate transactions for my clients, but underneath it all I heard the truth: My real estate career IS my spiritual work. I ignored it until one day, my business coach said out loud in a workshop, "Real estate is a spiritual path." He elaborated but didn't need to; I already had been experiencing it. The hope that sparks in clients' eyes when they secure homeownership, the relief of sellers as deals close, freeing them up to create new memories, and the profound connections formed when I genuinely get to know those around me. Bringing food to those who are sick, answering the phone when a friend needs to be heard, offering my heart in a world that likes to shut down... my real estate path has taken me down a path of relationship building as a profession.

This way of approaching my life has shown me how to embrace diverse personalities, even challenging ones. If I'm on my path, they're on theirs as well. Even in the messiness of our journeys, I've come to understand that we are all doing our best, even when it's tough to accept. We're all figuring this out one step at a time.

SoulScript Moment!

Take a pause sometime this week to journal on any limiting beliefs that might come up for you. Are you hearing that this isn't enough, this isn't it, this isn't where you're meant to be? Dive deep and uncover what you really want to experience, what makes your soul glow. You might discover that your life today offers moments where the universe reflects back to you exactly what you seek. Write these moments out! There is good magic in physically writing out affirmations, goals, and positivity as what you write is transcribed into your subconscious. Here's the magic: When you write down the moments that add sparkle to your life, you'll recognize these moments more as they show up! Let your awareness guide you forward on your special, extraordinary journey. ✨📖✨


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