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Privacy: Having a space that is solely your own
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Planting by the Moon:January Seedlings

Planting by the Moon: January Seedlings Zone 10

Moon Dates are the best planting dates based on our local Zone 10 frost dates and moon phases.

Planting by the moon is considered a traditional gardening strategy. As the moon pulls the tides in the oceans, it also pulls upon the subtle bodies of water in our gardens’ soil, causing moisture to rise and encouraging the growth of our plants.

Start Seeds Indoors

Cabbage: Jan 18-21

Celery: Jan 5-18

Eggplants: Jan 5-18

Leeks: Jan 5-18

Peppers: Jan 5-18

Tomatoes: Jan 18-21

Start Seeds Outdoors

Radishes: Jan 22-Feb 3


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