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Is real estate America's best investment?

Gallup polled the American people once again, and the results are in: Most Americans still feel that buying real estate is the best financial investment.

While poll results aren't representative of actual fact, it is a clear depiction of homeowners' mindset today around the value of homeownership.

The results are shown in the image below.

Real estate has come a long way when Americans sway from favoring gold to investing in real estate. It's shows how optimistic most people are feeling when considering moving forward with a real estate purchase.

Keep in mind that as far as investments go, real estate does have a one-up on most other options: It's the only big money purchase someone can make that builds equity over time, and allows the person to live in it.

Another benefit to homeownership as an "investment" is that you can have a 20% stake in the house while claiming equity on 100%. Try doing that with gold or any other investment!

Even if you are not buying real estate as an investment, you are financially benefiting from it over time. Every time you make payment, you pay principle on interest. Technically, it is money in a piggy bank if in the future you want to sell, borrow against the property, fund home improvements, education, gift your kids with a down payment, etc.

Today's real estate market is healthy, and so is the mindset of the American people in the stability of housing as a long-term investment. Call Brooke, your dedicated family REALTOR® with Aviara Real Estate, for selling or buying a home in Ventura County.


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