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Gratitude Draws Grace

Raise Your State with Victoria Allen

Gratitude is an in-the-moment experience that meets life with acceptance and appreciation.

Of all the Brilliant Powers that ignite our heart, Gratitude is a super power. It has magical abilities to turn a bad situation into a blessing, your nagging wife into a goddess and an absent-minded husband into your hero. If you want to release negativity, judgment and unhappiness, Gratitude is the fastest path.

Gratitude is an in the moment experience that meets life with acceptance and appreciation. As our heart bathes in appreciation, our mind becomes still and we arrive in the moment where all feels right with the world.

Gratitude is a miracle balm that shifts our center of gravity from head to heart. When you notice your mind is resistant, or complaining has become a tired old story, focus on gratitude. As you recognize your negative mind and make the shift to your grateful heart a new abundant world opens up inside of you.

Gratitude does not dissolve our problems; it shifts us out of the dense energy field that arises when we obsess about them. It moves us from the surface of our mental chatter into a tender resonance of humility. It takes our experience from one that is a desert of problems to one that is a river of possibilities.

Victoria Allen’s life has long been a mission to help people heal and raise their consciousness. She has dedicated over two decades as a transformational wisdom teacher and therapist.

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Website: www.raiseyourstate.com

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